Tuesday, September 1, 2009

final fantasy 13 announce ment of release date announced

This frustrates me: FFXIII announcement of release date announced (yes, I wrote that correctly)

Mostly because I know what Square is and is not doing: They are releasing remakes of other FFs (FF4 for the DS, summer 2008), mediocre remakes of their other classics (Chrono Trigger DS, May 2009), and spinoffs of their popular titles (Dissidia, Summer 2009) that are little more than fan tributes. They are not being very forward-looking or creative.

Square should stop trying to milk the success of their past titles and focus on developing new imaginative RPGs which they were known for in the days of the SNES, PS, and PS2. Back then, FFs were coming out every year and a half or so, and when they did do fan service (say, with FF Anthology which came out right after FF8) it was not at the sacrifice of newer games (FF9 came out a year and two months after FF8/Anthology).

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