Friday, June 11, 2010

review of super mario galaxy 2

This is a really good game. My only criticism is that some of the levels are the kind of difficult that just isn't fun at all. I'm talking about the kind of difficulty that is largely based on pinpoint motor skills where one extremely minor slip in the direction of a fireball or a jump can cost you the star. What I liked, indeed what I think most people liked about the first SMG is the conceptual challenge -- whether it's about reorienting myself to some mindbendingly-difficult camera and gravity changes or trying to work out a path of least resistance on a long timed level, I really felt like the game was pushing me to think. That's not a rare concept in games (especially the ones I play), but it's rare enough to be something which developers need to purposely work toward if they want to create a really good game.

While it doesn't detract from the sheer awesomeness and expansiveness of this game (in the form of new powerups, a better hidden and optional star system, as well as more fun and interesting challenges in each level) it does make it frustrating for those who want to clear the game 100%. Yes, that would be me. But I refuse to do it in this game -- or at least, I refuse to work hard at it and will instead slowly accumulate stars until I may or may not get to the full amount.

And that's about it. Graphics? Amazing. Story? Hahaha.


I might add that as proof of my above claim, I cite the number of times in this game I have said "Oh I was lucky that time" in getting a "difficult" star -- I got some of the really tough stars already and missed some of the easier ones simply, simply because I was off that day and couldn't pull the particular stunt. I don't think that happened to me a single time in the first SMG.

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