Friday, December 24, 2010

gamer heaven

Although this deal has been out for a while, I'm only just getting around to blogging it. Check out the Humble Indie Bundle (HIB) 2, which recently added games from the first HIB to it (including the extremely famous World of Goo): so in addition to getting the games from the first HIB, the second one adds solid titles including Mechanarium, Osmos, and my personal favorite Braid. Here is the BoingBoing announcement, which will direct you to the relevant site for downloading:

How does it work? You get a bunch of really cool computer games made by independent developers for... however much you want to pay! With the latest additions, you get 11 games for a minimum price of $7.60. Not a bad deal! You can even choose how much goes to the developers and how much goes to select charity organizations.

I would suggest you act fast on this deal -- not sure if it was around for very long the last time they did this. But trust me, it's certainly worth it -- I'm already having tons of fun with Braid and Osmos, and World of Goo was a really excellent experience. All three are innovative action/puzzle games that are really great in short bursts when you want to take a break from work (or other games!).

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  1. Osmos looks excellent on a full computer monitor (versus my iPhone). Braid is too much of a mindfuck not to play.