Saturday, August 6, 2011

links of interest

Some links that you might find interesting:

You can find podcasts of the annual Tawney Lectures, sponsored by the (British) Economic History Society, here. It includes some pretty interesting talks, including Jane Humphries on child labor and Bruce M.S. Campbell on "Nature as Historical Protagonist".

Gamasutra is a videogame blog, but really so much more. It includes many fact-based and opinion articles addressing the cutting edge-issues in gaming such as social games and the impact of independent developers on the industry.

My Favorite Wikipedia article right now is on strategy video games, which is a real excellent exhaustive list of the different possibilities, including tactical/strategic breakdowns and hybrids. Very cool!

Is Islam compatible with capitalism? A unique discussion of this old question (in general, "is religion compatible with growth?") using the modern Turkish businesspeople from the Anatolian region as an example.

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