Sunday, October 16, 2011

will write a paper on this, someday...

...But until I do, you should all send me your comments on the following idea :)

Google ngram for "Think Like an Economist" and "Thinking Like an Economist"


  1. Hi Daniel. Parrots don't learn to talk in the wild, but only when domestication improves their quality of life and leaves them time to think about such things. This is why there is no activity on your graph before the 1950s.

    And little activity until the mid-1970s. That '74 recession changed everything.

    Very effective, that 150 years of inactivity.

  2. Very interesting idea, Arthurian. (And welcome to the blog, btw -- don't think I've seen you comment before).

    It would indeed seem like there was a shock to bourgeois ideology sometime in the 60s and 70s. However, I am afraid that without some international data (case of Britain?) it's hard to find the pulse on this one.