Friday, December 23, 2011

re-imagining history

Since I started up this blog project in May 2009 it has taken several unexpected turns. First I stopped posting so much about videogames, then I brought in Anti-Mankiw stuff, and lately the blog has become more contemporary and political. I'm leaving that all behind in order to focus more on recent exciting research in law and economy/society and economic history. Turns out there isn't a really good "Economic History Blog", the way that you have a "Legal History Blog" or even Marginal Revolution (which, aside from doing everything else, is also able to keep the interest of an academic core). So, in some ways Imagining History will try to fill a niche with this latest idea.

But no need to fear! My angle will be anything but run-of-the-mill. I anticipate most of the coverage, at least on the economic history side, will be based pretty heavily on hard criticism. So I promise it will be fun to read!

And we'll see where that takes me after a while...


  1. Michael Hudson often posts up interesting essays on economic history.


    Good luck with your new direction.

  2. Excellent! I didn't know about Hudson. Thanks for the encouraging words and the great link.