Friday, August 14, 2009

excellent history of videogames

This is an impressive lineup of Gamefaqs Top 10 lists that do way more than simply list the author's subjective opinions on a genre, etc. Username "DetroitDJ" basically tells a history of videogames through the various generations (roughly, one or two years that encompassed one console from each of the major companies - Sega, Nintendo, Sony, and later Microsoft).

Top 10 most listed 2nd generation games on GameFAQs Top 10 Lists:
Top 10 most listed 3rd generation games on GameFAQs Top 10 Lists:
Top 10 most listed 4th generation games on GameFAQs Top 10 Lists:

Top 10 most listed 5th generation games on GameFAQs Top 10 Lists:

This is my personal favorite. He argues we reached a pinnacle at this point in gaming in terms of universality of play, revolutionary character of some of the titles (FF7, Metal Gear Solid, and two of the most talked-about Zelda games- Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask), graphics, etc. I would have to agree. You can see some of my previous posts on the history of videogames (second half of that post) and their various musical and other qualities to see where my biases lean toward.

Top 10 most listed 6th generation games on GameFAQs Top 10 Lists:
Top 10 most listed 7th generation games on GameFAQs Top 10 Lists:

Note the complete absence of Sony games by the 7th generation, after clear dominance in the 5th and 6th generations. Sony's made a few mistakes, what with a delayed console launch and difficulty with the hardware at the beginning. Of course, you can't blame everything on Sony: Microsoft and Nintendo have done a lot of things right along the way. I suspect Sony will pick itself back up within a year or so. Nintendo hasn't been able to offer up a lot of promising titles, and hopefully within a year (you hear that Square?! I said a year!), two very anticipated titles will come out for the PS3: Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3. They also have some promising titles for the first quarter of 2010, including God of War.

So, I wouldn't give up on the PS3 but I do think it's interesting how things have wavered over time for them. History teaches you how to win and lose in this industry -- so check out the links and enjoy!


  1. ET for Atari at #2 is completely shocking! I remember so well coming home with that game and thinking I must have gotten a busted copy. One of the more disappointing moments in my life...

    As for PS3, getting off to such a weak start certainly has long-term consequences. And they certainly did start off miserably. My tendency has always been towards sony and even I thought twice about getting 360 instead. LBP and the rumors GTA IV might be PS3 exclusive was what kept me sony. However, I wonder if the nature of these top ten lists is biased too heavily (at least in terms of being representative of system strength) against systems with slow starts. Certainly, nintendo is crushing everyone but I think the PS3 is closer to X360 already than the lists would suggest.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed them. -DetroitDJ (no, really)

  3. DetroitDJ,

    I added you as a friend on lj. Thanks for reading!