Monday, July 26, 2010

living vicariously through mark frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder, one of the editors of the blog of all things quirky, BoingBoing, recently went on vacation. Apparently his vacation is spanning continents and his latest landing spot was Tokyo. In a post earlier today he documents his trip to the Studio Ghibli museum which is apparently set out in the suburbs and you have to take a train and then a bus to get there. Being a huge fan of mostly the movies Miyazaki directs for SG, as well as a few others, I loved looking through all the pictures he took.

The post is here. Enjoy! By the way, I'm not sure but I think the cuneiform he mentions is from Castle in the Sky.

The latest SG film was released on 17 July in Japan, titled Borrower Arrietty. It seems to be a hit in Japan, however, there is no scheduled U.S. release. The last SG movie, Ponyo, took a full year to make it to U.S. shores.

Here is a small piece I did on Miyazaki last October which includes links to an interview with him and an article with really interesting facts about his political background:

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