Sunday, July 25, 2010

umass econ bloggers

This is certainly exciting news.

With a new entry into the blogosphere, UMass economics now has (to my knowledge) 9 10 independent bloggers writing about various topics. Definitely check these out.

A few of the Chinese students in our department have started up a collectively-run blog on politics and economics (in Chinese!), which you can find here:

Mark Silverman, philosophy and economics:

Tomas Rotta, Marxism for the 21st century (in Portugese!):

Anastasia, interests in behavioral economics:

Amit Basole, Indian political economy and social movements:

James Miehls, Marxian theory, post-modernism and baseball:

Ian Seda, part of Los Expatriados, a group writing on contemporary political economy in Puerto Rico:

Josh Mason, Macro and international economics:

Joe Rebello, politics, political economy and basketball:

Harry Konstantinidis, Greek basketball and politics, art, political economy:

UPDATE: Thanks to Tomas for reminding me that he also has a blog. If I'm missing anyone else, please leave a comment!


  1. Hey Dan,

    I have a blog on Marxism too :-)


  2. Don't forget


    I was meaning to email you and others about this - wouldn't it be in our common interest (not to mention more ideologically sound) to find some way to make our blogging a bit more collective?

    Personally, I'd be happy to merge Slackwire into a group blog, but other folks probably feel more proprietorial. At least, tho, we could set up a single site that would mirror our various blogs. If nothing else, I reckon we'd all get more comments that way.

  3. Alyssa seems to have just started a blog, too:

  4. Two things

    I'm not including blogs like Geert Studies because my purpose in writing this post was to point out UMass econ bloggers (with an emphasis on econ). There's one other blog out there that I didn't consider for this same reason. If you think I'm being too strict with the "econ" requirement ... well, check out some of the list's most frequent posts and it's not likely that there is a whole lot of econ content to begin with. But there is some, and that's really all I'm looking for to include it.

    I don't want to merge, but assembling these together does suggest the possibility of some very laid-back collaboration. For example, linking to others' posts and having some commentary on what others are saying. This way we raise awareness about Umass econ as a whole whenever one of us posts something interesting. I'm not saying we need to even set a schedule for this (like "once a month" or something), but I do think that active linking and commenting is a really cost-effective way of spreading ideas.

    And of course, I'm open to others' comments on this issue.

  5. i think geert studies has more serious analysis than my livejournalistic disgrace.