Sunday, January 1, 2012

economic history link roundup

A new SSRN paper (by Roger Middleton) on the history of the British Historical Statistics Project, to commemorate its new online edition.

Lawyers, Guns and Money blog runs the latest installment in their "This Day in Labor History" series with a look at an early 20th century example of labor radicalism (they did a short history of the Knights of Labor a few days ago which was really good, too).

Remembering David Montgomery, renowned labor activist and U.S. labor historian.

A new book out of Florida University Press by Mary E. Frederickson entitled Looking South: Race, Gender, and the Transformation of Labor from Reconstruction to Globalization has some essays on the case of the U.S. after the Civil War that are definitely worth a look. Abstracts for all chapters included at the link.

Book forum sums up the latest discussions of American declinism; you can find my thoughts on this latest trend, with a comparison to how British decline was analyzed, here.

Happy New Year!

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