Tuesday, October 27, 2009

final fantasy 13 trailer (tgs)

Below you will find the latest FFXIII trailer, which was shown at Tokyo Game Show a few weeks ago. Weaving together story and battle elements, the trailer gives me the impression that:

-Compared to previous FF's, the story will be filled with more (quantity- and quality-wise) subplots than we're used to seeing

-The battle system is your traditional turn-based (contrary to FFXII, which had strong real time elements) but not without its innovations, such as the combo system (not sure how it works though)

Some more obvious points/impressions:

- The futuristic style of FF7, FF8 is back ... regrettably

- A female main is not new to FF: 6, 9, 10, 12 had elements of this

- The graphics, of course, look amazing

- The voice acting doesn't seem that bad



  1. The graphics rock, but if it's going to play out like a bad anime... soooo the drama.

  2. Agreed. I still have hope though. If you consider the quality of the stories in the main games (yes I'm purposely not considering the GBA/DS tactics games, or Dissidia) they haven't been THAT bad, and certainly they haven't been of your classic anime-type.

    Indeed, the FF's usually have a lot of Western elements in their stories, which I think they do quite well (combination of anime-style battle sequences and an interestingly deep story).

    Of course, there ARE good anime stories but I have no idea of a videogame based on/grounded in a good anime-type story...

    anyone? :)

  3. No...but someone needs to make a game based on Metropolis....without ruining it....and God needs to make me a cheeseburger...also not going to happen