Wednesday, October 14, 2009

say hello

Welcome. You may be new to this blog (I just advertised on Facebook with the very hope of this), or you might have been reading it for a while now but never commented, or you may be one of the select few who have actually commented on my posts. Regardless of who you are, I'd like to extend a warm Hello and Welcome to you. I've recently finished a project where I tagged all my entries for easier viewing for you, the reader. You can find a list of the tags on the right side of my blog (you may have to scroll down).

I did this for two reasons. First, it gives me an opportunity to look back and reflect on where this blog has gone since May, when I began writing for it with the intention of putting some research and teaching ideas out in a public forum and also freshen things up every now and then with some articles on my hobbies. Second, it gives you the opportunity to browse topics according to your own interest. Initially, I thought I would accomplish this by including a Google "search" bar on my blog. But I realized later on that it's probably not the best way to find, say, my review of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 or my writings on the the social nature of property. So hopefully this is a bit more effective. Since you will now more easily find those posts simply by clicking on the tag "videogames" or "law and economics"

So, enjoy! And please feel free to give me your comments. They are much appreciated.


  1. Hi Daniel!

    Didn't know you had one, so consider your test run a success, I hope!


  2. The fact that you have real, actual posts is both a blessing and a curse to me. Pro: I have actual content to read. Con: I have actual *content* to read.

    Every time I skim over a post, I keep telling myself I'll comment one day!

  3. nice move dan. now your blog is going to be full of newbs.