Thursday, October 22, 2009

world of goo - pay what you want

The indie publisher/developer 2DBoy has offered up its famous puzzle game World of Goo for any price you want until October 25th:

I would recommend getting this game for a number of reasons. First, you can pay as little as 1 cent for your copy (as many people did). Second, it's a great puzzle game which combines spatial problem solving with an interesting physics twist. Third, the environment is captivating, offering a unique art style and soundtrack (and you know how much I love videogame soundtracks). Finally, it doesn't require the investment of large amounts of time -- you can do a few levels and easily leave it for some other time. All of these elements combine to offer you a very unique videogame experience with extremely low cost.

Even though I already have it for the Wii (through their download content) I picked it up since it's been almost a year since I played it, so I forgot how to do most of the levels. It's really fun to go through a second time.

The "pay what you want" model is, of course, an interesting one which first gained widespread media coverage when Radiohead offered their album In Rainbows using this model a little over two years ago. Fortunately, 2DBoy were much more open about their "success": see an article here on the results of their experiment.

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Little-known fact: Some members of 2DBoy also worked on Henry Hatsworth, a review of which can be found here

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  1. Get Braid.

    The art style mimics Impressionism and the music is spot on. You can travel backwards and forwards through time, and as such, cannot die.